Associate Pastor Call Weekend Schedule


This weekend, we will be welcoming our final Associate Pastor candidate for a Call Weekend! We invite you to meet the candidate at a variety of events (marked with "Everyone Welcome") throughout the weekend! The itinerary is as follows:

Friday, December 16:
- Individual Meeting with Pastor Alan
- Coffee with Church Staff
- Meeting with Preschool Staff
- Dinner with Associate Pastor Search Committee

Saturday, December 17:
- 9am - EVERYONE WELCOME - Candidate will give a devotion before we depart to deliver Christmas Baskets
- 9:30-11am - EVERYONE WELCOME - Candidate will lead an activity with children. This will include: The Christmas Story and Nativity Scene crafts
- 11am-1pm - Lunch with Children's Ministry Committee and lead children’s ministry volunteers
- 3-4pm - Meet and Greet with Deacons, Church Council, Personnel, Finance
- 4-5pm - A more formal meeting with the Personnel and Finance Committees
- 5-6pm - EVERYONE WELCOME - Meet and Greet open to the entire church congregation
*Following dinner, the candidate will meet with Pastor Alan and Pastor Tim

Sunday, December 18: 
- 8:30am - EVERYONE WELCOME - Donuts and coffee with church at large
- 9am - Worship - EVERYONE WELCOME!
- 10am - The Candidate will tour the Sunday School classes for children, the nursery, etc.
- 11am - Worship - EVERYONE WELCOME!
- 1pm - Lunch with Associate Pastor Search Committee