Please review the event Policies and Regulations listed below prior to filling out the request form.

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Policies and Regulations
Governing Church Building and Equipment Use


1. The purpose of the church is dedicated to developing to its greatest potential the planned program of the body, and to reach out to the community in as many ways as possible to aid in the development of its spiritual and moral character.  All requests for use of church facilities are the responsibility of the House Committee which shall make use of the facilities for the greatest good of the church body and the community.

2. Scheduled church activities shall have prior claim to space, facilities and equipment.

3. The church will make every effort to accommodate requests from individuals, groups or non-profit organizations whose purpose is compatible with the church’s outreach.  For any approved request to use church facilities of less than 30 people there will be no charge.  However, in order to recover its costs for any group of more than 30 persons, the church will charge a fee as set out below.  All such requests must be presented to and approved by the House Committee.  Any church member may request the House Committee to waive the fee.

Groups up to 29 persons no charge

30-49 persons $25

50-99 persons $50

Groups of more than 100 persons $1 per person

4. Individuals or groups using the facility shall be responsible for the room arrangement (setting up of tables, chairs, etc.)  Care is to be taken to eliminate damage to furnishings or facilities, and the space used is to be left in a condition equal to its prior use.  Lights are to be turned off and the building locked unless other arrangements have been made. Custodial fees of up to $25.00 per hour may be assessed on any individual, group or non-profit organization that leaves the building or an area of the building unable to be used without custodial care. In the event an area is left unusable they will be notified one time with no charge so that they can be made aware of the problem. On the second occurrence they will be contacted and a request will be made for them to pay all custodial costs necessary to bring the area back to a useable state.

5. There is a separate policy and request form for use of the    church for weddings.

6. Scheduling Events:

a) Reservations for the use of the church facility should be scheduled as soon as possible.

b) Request forms are available from the church office or online          at

c) Please be specific about the types of activities and arrangements desired.

7. Restrictions:

a) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on church property.  Smoking is not permitted in the building.

b) The sanctuary piano is not to be moved, and no items are to be placed on the piano or organ.

c) Plastic mats are to be used under candelabra.

d) All activities shall require child supervision at all times.  The building is not a playground.  A child advocacy policy is in place to protect not only the child, but all adult workers.

  e) No food or beverage is permitted in the sanctuary.

8. Directions on use of the facility equipment:

a) Any individual, non-profit group or organization using the church is responsible for repairing or replacing anything broken or damaged.

b) Furnishings and equipment are not to be removed from the building unless approval has been given by the Chair of the House Committee and any borrowed items must be logged and checked out through the church office.

c) Kitchen equipment is not to be removed from the kitchen.

d) A fee of $50.00/per hour will be charged for use of the sound system for all non-church sponsored events, and payment should be made in advance to the sound technician. This fee is applicable to both members and non-members of Georgetown Baptist Church, but shall be waived for funerals.  The fee schedule is not applicable to uses during church-sponsored events.  Operation of the sound system will be done by a member of the Communications Committee.

e) Liability Insurance – a fee of $30.00 will be charged if a certificate of insurance with the church listed as additional insured is not provided.

f) Custodial services will be charged at a rate of $25.00 per hour.

g) Communications are of the essence.  Any conditions or changes to the plans for the use of this facility are to be presented at least one month prior to the activity.  Any request for an exception or change to the plans for the use of this facility is to be presented for approval to the House Committee prior to its next regular committee meeting and preferably, where possible, one month prior to the requested activity.

                                                 Revised 5/2012