Lunch and Master Plan Presentation

Please make plans to stay for lunch this Sunday, March 18, after the 11 o'clock service. The Master Plan Committee will be sharing ideas and welcoming feedback about improvements to our facility. Members of the Finance Committee will be present as well. 

Over the last few years, the Master Plan Committee has worked diligently to improve the music and nursery areas of the facility. We look forward to hearing from them again!

Cost for the lunch is free, but we do need to make plans for food purchasing. Please let us know as soon as you can by contacting the church office (502.863.2739), texting the pastoral phone (859.537.4726), or replying via Facebook with your name and how many will be attending. Thanks!

(This picture is one of Stan Dyer's ideas for a welcome center. Come add your thoughts and ideas, too!) 

Welcome Center design.png

Lent Prayers 2018

Lent is a season of preparation. Easter is coming some 40 days from now. The biggest
celebration in Christian life, the acknowledgement that, though Jesus died, yet he lives!
He conquered sin and death. He made a way for us to be with God. For such a
celebration, we want our hearts to be ready.

For many, Lent is a season of self-denial. People often choose something they love or
spend time or money on to give up for Lent. Others choose to add something to their
routine during Lent—scripture reading or prayer for example.

Whatever you do, whether addition or subtraction, Lent is about making space to be
with God, to abide in the presence of God. I hope that these suggested practices,
scriptures, and prayers help you to dwell with God and remain close to God’s spirit this

Download the full devotional guide here

Lent prayers cover 2018.jpg