Policies and Regulations
Governing Weddings and Receptions


Georgetown Baptist Church

207 South Hamilton Street, Georgetown, KY 40324

(502) 863-2739


I. Planning the Wedding and Reception

We believe the Bible, as God’s holy word, provides examples of how marriage should be approached. Therefore, Georgetown Baptist Church holds seriously our obligations in the course of hosting marriage ceremonies. As such, we believe marriage ceremonies, other gatherings in relation to marriage and any other activities for which property owned by Georgetown Baptist Church is used are spiritual acts of worship of the God who created this divine institution.
As such, Georgetown Baptist Church, may decline to make its facilities available for any use if it is determined that one or both of the parties are not biblically and/or legally qualified to marry. Such determination may be made by the House Committee.
In such case where an application is declined, we wish to make it abundantly clear that the parties are welcome to worship the Lord with us either as guests or members of the church. We affirm that all humans are innately imperfect and we recognize the transformative ability of the Lord and encourage all to accept Him.
Georgetown Baptist Church also recognizes and affirms our pastors possess the right to refuse officiating marriage ceremonies based upon personal convictions.
We strongly encourage any applicants to consider the following scripture as relates to marriage:

Genesis 2:24
1 Corinthians, Chapter 7

We are glad to be the hosts for this special event in your life. We want to be of every possible service to you in making your wedding a happy and holy occasion, which you can always remember with thanksgiving. We are happy to offer our services and facilities to all GBC church members and to others in accordance with the guidelines of this church. The church building is a house of worship and Christian fellowship. All weddings and related activities, such as rehearsals and receptions, are to be conducted in a manner consistent with these purposes.

A. Setting the Date

The wedding coordinators will schedule the date and time on the church calendar. To hold the date, a reservation form, which will be provided by the office, must be completed and returned no earlier than one year and no later than 6 months prior to the wedding The $250.00 non-church member fee, which is non-refundable, is also due at this time. *Active members of Georgetown Baptist Church are waived this fee but are expected to comply with custodial and sound technician fees.

*To qualify as an active church member the bride, groom, or at least one of their parents must be an actively attending member of Georgetown Baptist Church. The GBC wedding coordinator reserves the right to make adjustments to this policy, as she sees the need.

B. Officiant/Premarital Interviews

Services of our pastor(s) are not included when reserving the church. The couple is in no way obligated to use the Pastor(s) of Georgetown Baptist; however, if they wish to do so, they must make an appointment with him/them personally. The couple will be expected to spend several sessions in pre-marital interviews. Unless otherwise determined between the couple and pastor, the customary officiating fee is between $100 and $200.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your pastor has not been licensed in the state of Kentucky there may be restrictions for officiating in this state. Please contact the Scott County Clerks Office at 502-863-7876 well in advance of the wedding.

C. Music

Services of our musicians (organist/pianist) are not included when reserving the church. The wedding party is in no way obligated to obtain the services of the church’s organist or pianist. However, if they wish to do so they must make an appointment with him/her personally. The church secretary can provide you with their phone numbers. Guest organists need to contact our church organist for instructions on use and care of the organ. Music selected for the wedding should be appropriate for Christian worship and use in a church facility.

D. Photographer

Because the wedding is a service of Christian worship, *no distractions during the service are allowed. It is the responsibility of the bride and her family, to instruct the photographer so that *no flash pictures are be taken during the service. Pictures may be taken of the bridal party following the completion of the service.

*When using the services of the GBC pastor(s).

II. Use of the Facilities

A great deal of extra work is involved for our custodian and in fairness to him/her the GBC has established some custodial fees. In order to reduce the time commitment on their part as well as others, we urge the wedding party to make every effort to be on time for rehearsal, pre-wedding activities, etc. The rehearsal can be conducted in one hour if everyone is on time and prior planning by the bride and groom has occurred. (See: SOUND TECHNICIAN and CUSTODIAL FEES.)

Please do not use rice. Birdseed may be used but please have it distributed after guests have left the building and instruct them to throw the seed away from the doors. Beverage and food consumption is restricted to the fellowship hall.

A. Decorating for the Wedding

Elaborate decorations are unnecessary. The sanctuary has been furnished with symbols of Christian faith so that it may be a place of reverent worship with a minimum of decoration. The church has a kneeling bench, a pair of tall candelabras, which hold seven candles each, and another candelabra, which holds three candles. These are available, free of charge, to anyone using our facilities. (Check with the church office ~ candles may also be provided, free of charge).

1) Scheduling a time to decorate: You and the florist are responsible for contacting the church office regarding a time when access to the church is available for decorating. Because of security, no keys will be issued for entrance into the building when the custodian or designated staff person is not available. The custodian and/or designated person must be present when the building is in use.

2) Planning the decorations: Whenever candles are used, they must be used in a candleholder or candelabra, be of the dripless variety, and must be secured by a plastic liner. Candles used other than at the altar, must be covered with a globe. The floor/carpet under candles must be thoroughly protected with plastic. Decorations attached to the pew or in windows must be attached in such a way that marks are not left. Pipe cleaners can be used satisfactorily. Scotch tape or floral clay should not to be used.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The piano is NEVER to be moved from the platform. Nothing is to be placed on the piano or organ such as flowers or candelabra.

3) Removing Decorations: The bridal party is responsible for clearing decorations as soon as possible following the wedding.

4) Seasonal Decorations: Seasonal decorations by the church shall not be disturbed or removed for weddings.

B. Smoking and Alcoholic Beverages

There is to be NO SMOKING in the church building and NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are permitted on church property.

C. Dressing Rooms

Bridesmaids will use the large room located on the fourth level. The groom and his party may use the large room, just above, on the third level. There are two handicapped accessible rest rooms in the office area and other restrooms located in the basement, second and third floor levels.

D. Fellowship Hall and Kitchen Facilities

The fellowship hall and kitchen are available for receptions. Non-members will be charged a $100 fee to use the fellowship hall and a $50 fee to use the kitchen with additional custodial fees. Tables and chairs will be set-up by the custodian, according to the bride’s instructions. The church has one hundred crystal cups, a crystal punch bowl and plastic ladle which are available for use, if needed. Serving utensils other than the above mentioned, must be provided by the wedding party. If there is damage or breakage, the bridal party is responsible for the cost of repair and/or replacements. Due to insurance restrictions, cooking in the kitchen is not permitted without supervision of the Church Hostess or authorization by church official.

E. Policy for Use of Sound System

A fee of $150.00 (3 hours - $50/hr. additional charge after 3 hours) will be charged for the use of the sound technician for all non-church sponsored events. This fee is applicable to all uses and includes, but is not limited to weddings, recitals, etc. (funerals excluded). This fee is applicable to both members and non-members of Georgetown Baptist Church. A cassette of the event will be provided for the user, upon request. Only a member of the Communications Committee of Georgetown Baptist Church will be permitted to operation of the sound system. In the near future we hope to have video taping as an optional service, unfortunately, it is unavailable at this time.

F. Exceptions

Any exceptions to the written policy must be submitted, in writing, to the House Committee three months prior to the wedding. The House Committee will make final decisions based on the individual circumstances.

G. December Weddings

As a general practice, no December weddings are scheduled. However, in the event that an exception is made, decorations will not be removed or changed to accommodate activities.


Our custodian has agreed to use his personal time to accommodate your event. For this reason, fees apply to church members as well as non-church members. Because he is solely responsible for the condition of the area and set-up of church facilities, his services must be obtained when using the fellowship hall/kitchen for non-church related events.

* Worship Center preparation and clean-up

Wedding ………………. $ 250.00 [Does not include removal of florist equipment]

Rehearsal……………… $100.00

(Additional charge of $50 per hour after 3 hours; time is calculated in one hour increments.)


Worship Center Duties

A) Set-up of items requested such as: steps, kneeing bench, unity candles, etc. (Does not include decorating the church).

B) Clean-up worship center, hallways, bridal room and groom’s dressing room, first floor bathrooms.


Fellowship Hall preparation and clean-up

Rehearsal …………….. $200.00 [Does include dishwashing & clearing tables] 

Wedding ………………..$300.00 [Does include dishwashing & clearing tables] 

(Additional charge of $50 per hour after 3 hours; time is calculated in one hour increments.)


PLEASE NOTE: Saturday weddings including receptions must conclude by 8:00 p.m. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Fellowship Hall Duties

A) Set-up of tables and chairs as requested by the bridal party per consultation.

B) Clean-up tables, chairs, carpets, mop floors, cleaning of lower floor bathrooms, emptying trash, wiping down counters.



Set-up and clean-up of other rooms being used such as Nursery, extra rooms for dressing or picture taking.
*Additional charges for extra cleaning may be applied at the discretion of our custodian.

Contact: Mike Wallace @ 502-370-7659 or Email: michael.wallace@scott.kyschools.us

Music Contact: Katy Hale @ 502-542-8028


Revised: Fall 2015