Devotion: Luke 2:1-7

No place for baby Jesus in the inn.  No space to be born in, no proper clothes to be dressed in, not even a comfy bed to be laid in.  Poor baby Jesus didn’t have a very good birthday.  And poor Mary and Joseph!  Parents want to take care of their children, and they couldn’t find any better place than a barn for their son’s birth.  

I wonder if Mary thought about her clean home and loving family back in Nazareth as she spent the night on a pile of hay.  I wonder if Joseph thought to himself, “I should have left Mary at home.  At least there, the baby would have a real bed.  Here he’s lying on the animals’ food, wrapped in scrap fabric.”

This isn’t how any of us want to spend our Christmas—homeless, dirty, and uncomfortable.  But that’s exactly how the King of Kings came into the world at the first Christmas: a humble birth for the savior.  

This is how far God will go to reach us with love.  God would become human—a helpless baby, a homeless baby—to show us that God’s love for us is greater than we could ever imagine.  As you celebrate today, know that you are deeply loved by the God who made you and the Jesus who was born to save you.

Pastor Heather

Merry Christmas!