My Soul Magnified the Lord: Artwork

Read Luke 1:46-56 and the written reflection below.  
Go to the next page to see Sheila’s artistic rendering of Mary’s Song the Magnificat.  
Look for the original artwork in the sanctuary.

The enduring beauty of Mary’s Song in Luke 1:46-56 is the way it captures God’s grace and mercy in ways that prose cannot. Echoing the tune of Miriam’s Song in Exodus 15 and Hannah’s prayer of praise in 1 Samuel 2, the Magnificat reminds us that God looks favorably on lowly servants such as Mary, and calls them blessed not because they have wealth, fame, power, or prestige, but because of their willingness to say yes to God—to fear God from generation to generation.

Mary’s song images a world turned upside down, in which God brings down the powerful and lifts up the lowly, fills the hungry and sends the rich away empty. These reversals capture the heart of the Gospel message.  

In the fragile infant, God has reached out and touched fallen creation, restoring its dignity and worth. And by the power of the Spirit, God’s coming kingdom breaks into our world, making all things new. So make no doubt about it, we may be surrounded by reversals of THE Great Reversal, but the song captures Truth—God will make good on God’s promises—yesterday, today, and forever!

Sheila Klopfer