Your Peace: A Song

Listen to this original song by Kerry Jeter.  Click Play below or pick up a CD of the songs contained in this Devotional Guide in the HUB area at Georgetown Baptist.  Follow along with the lyrics below.


We made chaos where there was once Your perfect garden
Paradise was lost and left us desperate for Your pardon
The spiral of death and pain remained only Your great love could beat
And still to this day on Earth, we need Your peace

We waited hopefully for our long promised Savior
Never dreaming He’d come lay in a humble manger
But like the shepherds, the angels and the far travelling kings
We follow Your light and on Earth, we seek Your peace

The most beautiful sunset glowing radiantly on the ocean blue
The most pleasant sunrise shining on a quiet morning’s dew
Or even a mother’s love or child’s gentle hug all fall short of the plea of our hearts
The stillness and comfort we hope for are found only in Your loving arms

Even in our violence, Your love for us made the way
You gave us innocence in spite of all of our misguided hate
For driven nails and a crown of thorns could not stop sin’s defeat
It’s through the cross, here on Earth, we find Your peace


Storms and fires rage as hope dwindles through the land
But when bullets rain we’re calm beyond what we understand
We lend a hand or bend an ear and let our faith be clearly seen
‘Cause by Your grace here on Earth we give Your peace

TAG: By Your mercy here on Earth, we live Your peace

© Kerry Jeter 2017

Kerry Jeter