A Gift for Baby Jesus: Matthew 2:1-12

I love the surprise of presents at Christmas.  It’s fun to open a package, not knowing what’s inside. But it is also wonderful to surprise other people.  Giving each other presents reminds us of how the wise men brought gifts to Jesus—gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

    Put together a package for Jesus to add to your family’s gifts.  Find an empty bag, box, or basket and place your gift inside.  As for gift ideas, consider the wise men’s gifts—they were precious and came from their treasure chests.  What do you have that is precious that you can give to Jesus?

You might consider wrapping up a picture, writing Jesus a letter or even a single word, or packing up a household item to symbolize your treasure.  Or you could pack 3 items that remind you of the wise men’s gifts.  This is especially good for younger participants.  Pack something shiny or yellow to remind you of gold.  Use something fragrant like an air freshener to represent frankincense.  Pour a small amount of oil into a small container or resealable bag or find a second fragrant item like hand lotion to represent myrrh.  

When you have your gift prepared, label the present with Jesus’ name and put it with the rest of your gifts.  Open it again on Christmas Day when we celebrate God’s great gift—baby Jesus.

Pastor Heather