Prayers of Hope

I have begun a spiritual practice of 10 minute yoga this year, and it is one of the best ways for me to connect to God.  On the days I have time, I meet God in the morning by praying through some yoga poses. Nothing fancy; just a few things I remember from proper classes I have taken.  I focus on breathing deeply.  I try to plant my mind in the present moment.  And I ask myself this question: “What do I need?”

    This is a question for God as much as it is for myself.  In those early moments of my day I consider what I need from God that day.  Not in this season of life, not generally this week.  Specifically, in this moment and for this day, what do I need from God?  In the asking of that question, I am free to ask of God what I really need.  As I ask, breathing in and out my request to God, I find hope that God hears me and cares for me.  I have hope that God will provide for me.

As you follow the prayer practice below, I pray you feel the hope of God’s nearness and provision too.

Find a quiet place.  Take a few deep breaths.  Plant your thoughts in the present.  Stretch your limbs as you are able.  Reach a comfortable position and pray:

        What do I need?

Continue breathing deeply.  Ask yourself the question with every slow inhale.  With each exhale, listen.  Listen for what you need today and in this moment.

        Inhale: What do I need?

        Exhale: (Listen within)

When you find your answer, what you need to ask from God today, let that answer become your prayer.

        Inhale: (speak your need silently or aloud)

        Exhale: (Listen for God)

Let your breathing focus your thoughts and calm you.  Imagine God sitting next to you, listening to your need.

When you have finished praying, give thanks to God.  Return to your day with hope, knowing that God has heard your need and walks with you.

Pastor Heather