Heritage.  A legacy of rich, growing identity in Jesus Christ.  Generations of spiritual wisdom.  These are some of the hallmarks of Georgetown Baptist Church.

Tradition.  Innovation.  You can’t make it 200 years without them both!

It all started in 1810 with a handful of people who desired Christian community and a place to worship together.  In those early years after the Great Revival in central Kentucky, the young congregation grew and matured rapidly. 

In the words of historian Harold Tallant, “Throughout its existence, Georgetown Baptist Church has been deeply involved in missions work.”  From early days of financial and prayer support to overseas missionaries, the church continued to grow in love of the mission of God.  For much of the twentieth century, this meant starting half a dozen new congregations in Georgetown, Scott County, and northern Lexington.  In many ways, our closest ministry partner for the last 150 years – and now – has been our next-door neighbor, Georgetown College.

In the last two generations, our congregation took bold steps into twenty-first century ministry.  A rich and complicated history led us to address the complexities of race relations in our congregation at the outset of the Civil Rights Movement, three years before the first sit-ins in the deep south.  In the 1980s, again we dared to take bold steps together, emphatically affirming the spiritual gifts of women as recognized by the New Testament church in Matthew 28:1-10 and Romans 16:1.  Over the last fifteen years, the city of Georgetown has more than doubled in size.  During that time, GBC opened its arms once again to welcome many newcomers to the life of the congregation, helping them connect in all ministries, small groups, and leadership roles of our church.

At GBC, process matters.  We pray.  We study.  We talk.  We share.  We struggle, together – with the emphasis on Christian community.  We make tough decisions, believing that a life in Jesus Christ calls us to such things.

Don’t let the stained glass fool you.  This congregation enters its third century full of life and love for Jesus Christ.  We’d love for you to be our guest in worship this Sunday.  Come and join in this marvelous journey with Jesus Christ with us!


Would you like to know more about our history and heritage?  Please contact the church office for copies of our complete Bicentennial Church History!

"On the corner, reaching out in all directions."
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