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Welcome to the PayPal Donation Page for the GBC Capital Campaign.

You can make donations to the GBC Capital Campaign by using the church's PayPal account. Donating via PayPal does not require that you have a PayPal account, however, you can create a PayPal account for yourself as a part of the donation  process which will make future contributions easier and faster.

Donating via PayPal does not involve a fee on your end but there is a cost to the church. You will receive full credit for your gift to the Capital Campaign and the church will pay the transaction costs on our end.

You may wish to consider contacting your local bank to see if they have a "bill payment service." If they do, there may be a "no cost"  way of giving to the church through their bill payment service. Generally speaking, the bank will write a check to Georgetown Baptist Church, in any amount, from a specified checking account. They will then mail the check to the church at no cost to you or the church. The banks also allow you to create a "memo line"  allowing you to specify the Capital Campaign as the recipient of your gift. This process would save the church the fees associated with a PayPal donation.

Please use the "Donate Button" below if you wish to make a contribution to the Georgetown Baptist Church Capital Campaign